One of the slogans of Lioninox is that you are satisfied with your purchase. We promise not to rob us in case of problems and seek a proper solution.If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund.

1. How to contact

2. Delivery time

3. Delivery types

4. Transport prices

5. Ordering without VAT

6. Payment terms

7. Complaints, exchanges and returns

8. Terms and Conditions


1. Contact

tlf Lioninox  UK: 02034 995 192 

email Lioninox  info@lioninox.com


We recommend that you send us your incidents in writing so both parties can keep a written record.


2. Delivery times

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Most products on our website are in stock. Only some of our products are not in stock (normally larger) and are available on request. The stock level of all products is displayed with an indicator in the characteristics, eg:

Indicateur du niveau de stock

The more blue bars, more stock is, less blue bars, less stock. If all the bars are gray, we do not have stock of this product.

In any case, the approximate delivery time is displayed when you fill your shopping cart, on the lower part of your order, for example:

Consider that the shipment of the order period starts from the date of confirmation of your payment. You will receive an automatic email the time of checkout.

Delivery times

3. Delivery types.


Our orders are shipped by our logistics service. They decide each case the carrier to use, while depending on the volume, weight and type of package the order. We do not have exclusive transportation companies.

Less bulky products (taps, insect killers, gloves ...) are normally shipped with express courier company. In this case, the delivery time is approximately 2-4 days. 

The larger products (sinks, tables of more than 1 m long, cupboards, dressing ...) are normally shipped with a carrier on a pallet. In this case, the approximate shipping time is 4-5 working days after shipping.

4.Transport prices.

The prices displayed on our website do not include shipping costs. These costs depend on the volume or weight of your order. Transport companies charge freight rates by weight. If the product to be transported is large (sinks, tables, cabinets), they turn the volume by weight by multiplying the volume by a factor that is normally 200 € / m3.

The price of transport will be displayed on the right part of your purchase page, depends on product weight added to cart:


Shipping costs

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United Kingdom



0 - 1 kg

9 € excl. VAT

1 - 10 kg

15 € excl. VAT

10 - 29 kg

30 € excl. VAT

29 - 40 kg

45 € excl. VAT

40 - 60 kg 58 € excl. VAT

60 - 75 kg

129 € excl. VAT

75 - 200 kg

179 € excl. VAT

200 - 999999 kg

299 € excl. VAT




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5. Ordering without VAT

If you live in UK and you have a European valid VAT Number, you can disable the VAT in our website.

Please see this video:

6. Payment methods

At the moment we accept the following payment methods


This is the easiest payment method. You can pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc). The payment is instantaneous and it´s notified to ou shop by mail at the same tie as the confirmation of your transaction. You have the PayPal productions system, that if you do not receive the goods, you can open a case and inform PayPal of the non-receipt of your product. PayPal will deduct the amount of your order from the account of the seller (Lioninox GmbH in this case) util the problem is solved. More infomration on the PayPal website. Our PayPal address is: info.de@lioninox.com


Bank transfer

This is the safest way to pay, but slower than with PayPal. If you select this payment method they the transfer has to be done to following bank:


Bank: Postbank Berlin

IBAN: DE32 1001 0010 0564 6781 04


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7. Complaints, exchanges and returns

For all complaints, returns or exchanges must be previously accepted by Lioninox.

For this please send an e-mail to service@lioninox.ocm, indication your problem.

Lioninox will try to resolve your issue asap.

Complaints Please describe us your problem. If your issue is related to a transport damage, please note that we don´t accept them if the problem hasn´t been notified to the carrier in the moment of the discharge. If the complain is regarding to a defect of the product (breakage, scratches, etc.) we would please you to send us photos of the defect with the complaint. 

Returns You have 14 days from the delivery date to return the product in original condition. Please advise us by mail before the return, indicating the return reason. The return shipping costs has to be paid by the customer. When the products come back to our stock the will be checked and if everything is ok the payment will be refund. Lioninox won´t accept returns of customized products. 

Exchanges. You have 14 days from the delivery date to change the product in original condition. Please advise us by mail before the return indicating the change reason. The return shipping costs has to be paid by the customer. When the products come back to stock the will be checked and if everything is ok the payment will be refund. For the sending of the correct producht must be done a new order on our website. Lioninox won´t accept changes of customized products.  

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8. Terms and conditions

Please click here to see our terms and conditions.

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